Translation Manager for Umbraco 8 | Ayman Elbadawy

Add New Language

From Settings, select Languages from the left column then click Add Language.

  • 1- Choose the new target language(s) from the drop-down list.
  • 2- Make the new language the default one (if needed).
  • 3- Make the new language mandatory (if needed).
  • 4- Choose the fallback language. (the language that will be used if the target language is missing for a page).
  • 5- Click Save.

Umbraco Translation Manager

This useful package makes it easy to manage all the localization-related processes within the CMS itself without the need to use any external tools to track your translation projects

  • A- Copy or Create: Auto-create a copy of the content from Master to the sites in other languages.
  • B- Create and Send Translation: Editors can create than send content for translation directly.
  • C- Automatic Approval: Content is approved automatically after check-in.

XLIFF File Connector

This is a great feature that solves a lot of challenges I faced during managing localization projects for Umbraco. First of all, it uses the Standard format that all translation CAT tools can deal with which is XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format). Furthermore, the XLIFF structure is well checked and doesn’t violate any of the file format standards which may affect how the file is preceded by CAT tools which lead to issues such as(Encoding problems, Adding more irrelevant words that will by mistake increase the total words count and prices. The well-structured XLIFF will dramatically reduce the preliminary and final engineering process.

Working with Languages using the Translation Manager

Now all the settings are in place. From the Content Section, you can simply select a page and from the top horizontal menu click Translations.



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